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On stage: Jørn

- Jørn - Sep. 2006 - Vosselaar (B) -
- RockHard Festival - May 2008 - Gelsenkirchen (D) -
- Jørn, Pure Inc. & Triosphere - Nov. 2008 - Bochum (D) -
- J&oring;rn & Seven Thorns - Nov. 2009 - Copenhagen (DK) -

- J&oring;rn & Seven Thorns - November 25th 2009 - Copenhagen (DK), The Rock -

© Annicka Nilsson

Words are not enough to describe such an evening with a sound quality being utmost perfect. Danish power metal quintet Seven Thorns had the job as support for J&oring;rn. Seven Thorns (Lars, drums; Gabriel, guitar; Christian, guitar; Nikolaj, bass; Erik, vocals) was without singer Erik Ez for tonight's show, so they sent in the song writer / band manager Mik as a substitute on the vocals. It worked very well, they rocked their asses off anyway. They played powerful stuff from their upcoming album Return To The Past (release: February 2010). Everyone at The Rock was impressed by the 21-year old guitarist Gabriel, he is a man to keep an eye on.
The 41-year old Norwegian Viking has been touring and touring all around Norway since the spring 2009, and now it was finally time to make it to The Rock, Denmark. J&oring;rn is mostly known for his time with Roland Grapow's Masterplan and for his solo career. He do his concerts in a very special way. He is talking, talking and talking. In Norwegian, in Danish, in Swedish and in English. Telling stories about the Norwegian high mountains, anecdotes from Norway, but make no mistake: J&oring;rn has a voice that matches the likes of Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson. His band have the Italian bass player Nicola Angileri, but the rest of the line-up is Norwegian: Tore Morén, guitar; Tor Erik Myhre, guitar; Willy Bendiksen, drums.
This is Norwegian quality power metal at the finest. They have just released their new album Black Spirit where we of course got the title track and otherwise it was songs like the balladesque Rock'n'Roll Angel, Are You Ready To Rock, Man Of The Dark and Stormbringer that made the roof lift this Wednesday night in Copenhagen. There were solos from all band members, most brilliant from the 'mafia-bass' Nicola Angileri, but also Tor Erik Myhre showed his guitar abilities. J&oring;rn will be part of the Sweden Rock Festival 2010, it will be good to hear them again.

Lars Björn


- Jørn, Pure Inc. & Triosphere - Nov. 17th 2008 - Bochum (D), Matrix -

November is again a month were many bands hit the road and for the first time Jørn Lande and his band are on tour. They did some shows and festivals, but know it was time for their first club headliner tour. They teamed up with Norwegian youngsters Triosphere and Swiss metal band Pure Inc.
I came in from a chat with Jørn, Tore and the other guys when Triosphere were into their first song. I just know them by name, so I can't tell what they played first. After the song singer and bassist Ida Haukland welcomed the fans "Good evening Germany! We are Triosphere from Norway" and they headed into The Silver Lining. The track is from their first album Onwards and has a heavy groove, then they speed up and Ida adds powerful vocals and guitarist Marcus Silver added a cool lead part. Ida explained that they will have a new album in early 2009 and that they will play some new songs. If I got it right the one they played first was called The Anger And The Silent Remorse which started slowly with bass and guitar, but then became a mid-paced tune with slightly aggressive vocals and a catchy chorus. The next one was Driven - another new one -, but faster and with a heavy groove. Ida told the fans that they been touring with W.A.S.P., a band they got inspired by and that they prepared a W.A.S.P. medley... "Hope you enjoy it!" They started with W.A.S.P.'s L.O.V.E. Machine into the medley and got through pieces of Animal (Fuck Like Like A Beast), I Wanna Be Somebody, Blind In Texas and Chainsaw Charlie. Then they returned to their album Onwards and played the fast Gunnin' For Glory. And with Sunriser they finished their set. The foursome played a cool set and even if I didn't knew a song, I enjoyed it. During the change-over I met Ida and the guys at the merch booth and we chat a bit. When Ida and her boys are back in Trondheim I'll get in touch with them for an interview!
The Swiss Pure Inc kicked off with The End of their latest album Parasites & Worms. The foursome rocked from the first second, especially singer Gianni Pontillo's voice and stage presence got the audience in less then no time. But guitarist Sandro Pellegrini also caught the fans with his heavy riffing. "Bochum, everything's okay? We are Pure Inc!" Gianni shouted and they headed into Saviour, a track from their second album A New Day's Dawn. The guys obviously enjoyed being on stage and during Blvd Jam Sandro pulled at Gianni's mic wire which Gianni returned in kicking him. Their combination of 70's rock á la Led Zeppelin, a heavy groove and nu metal riffs convinced more and more fans. After the song Sandro took over the mic "We have a new CD out and we'll play a new song now. A heavy song, something for headbangers!" And with Serenades Of Aggression they offered another heavy groover with monster riffs and a more then one dash of aggression. But still they have a catchy hook to get you and partly Gianni Pontillo's raspy voice takes off the edge - and then a break leads into a slow, emotional part. Just to get back to heaviness and ultra heavy riffs. A musical roller coaster ride. I think next they played Dead Calling, but actually I can't read my notes and just try to recall it... Anyway, towards the end of the song Gianni made some fans sing along and they got over into Fear In My Eyes. During the song guitarist Sandro played a solo part and Gianni directed him to the stage center, just to signal him back to his spot on stage as soon as he was through the solo part. And with The Last Remaining Song they finished their energetic set and I think the Swiss made some new friends tonight!
While Pure Inc. been on stage more people arrived, then the intro started and the band entered the stage. With Soul Of The Wind they headed into their set and as soon as Jørn started singing the magic was there and the fans of the blond Norwegian were celebrating the moment. The band had two new faces, guitarist Tor Erik Myhre and bassist Nicola Angileri, while Nic already played on the album Lonely Are The Brave guitarist Tor Erik Myhre joined them just recently. Jorn Lande live in BochumAfter Shadow People they presented the catchy We Brought The Angels Down and Storm Crow - some older tunes of Jorn. "For a Monday night it's quite good, thanks for coming out! We now present a new songs - Man Of The Dark!" Even if some fans know the song already word by word, for others it was something new - as The Inner Road. Guitarist Tor Erik Myhre was the calming influence while bassist Nicola Angileri was jumping around and guitarist Tore Morén was up-front entertaining the fans at his side of the stage. "When I was younger I was in all this Viking shit. We in the North, we are really proud of our history. And we did a song called Tungur Knivur!" Jorn explained. and they headed into this one. Then it was time for a guitar solo... "On guitar Mr. Tore Morén!" Tore Morén live in Bochum Jorn shouted and gave the center stage to the former Arcturus guitarist. Morén showed everything from emotional parts to heavy riffing to technical passages, but then led over to Blacksong. Next a cover version which Jørn announced "A couple of years ago we had a cover song on The Duke album - Are You Ready? Are you really ready? Are you ready for this?" And they kicked off the Thin Lizzy tune which they slightly changed to make it a Jørn song. The songs sang along loudly - which impressed the Norwegian "Thank you so fuckin' much! This one is from The Duke album!" Time for The Duke Of Love followed by Out To Every Nation - another highlight of the show. Then Jorn thanked the Matrix for the support and criticized his label for not promoting the tour. At Stormbringer guitarist Tor Erik Myhre showed his talent and also bass player Nic got his chance and tabbed along - into the sing along part. And so the show ended way to soon. The band left the stage and the fans shouted for more. After a few moments drummer Willy Bendiksen came back and hit off a drum solo. Then the others returned for one more song - War Of The World. But that was it, it was over too soon and left the fans longing for more. Well, not this time, but Jørn promised to be back, so watch out!

Claudia Ehrhardt


Jørn Lande - 13th Sep. 2006 - Vosselaar (B), Biebob

Not very often you get the chance to see Jørn Lande performing with his solo band and tonight they offered a special show with two drummers! Mastermind Jørn Lande was joined by guitarists Jørn Viggo Lofstad (also Pagan's Mind) and Tore Moren, bassist Sid Ringsby and drummers Willy Bendiksen and Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan's Mind). Actually this club show was a kind of warm-up show for their appearance at the ProgPower US this weekend.
The set was divided into two parts - one where Jørn Lande and his band mainly played songs from his solo albums and in pt. 2 the band offered a couple of cover versions. Even if the show wasn't sold out many fans found their way to Vosselaar at this Wedneyday night. And they wanted some fun.
They kicked off the set with We Brought The Angels Down from Jørn's latest album The Duke. The band were ready to rock the house and after the first song Jørn welcomed everybody before they headed into another song off The Duke - Blacksong. Time for the first 'cover'... Gonna Find The Sun of The Snakes, but it's not really a cover, coz Jørn Lande was the singer of The Snakes. What else they played you can see below, but don't think they just worked themselves through the set list, they had fun playing! Beside Thin Lizzy's Cold Sweat another Jørn song was the highlight of the first part of the show - Out To Every Nation. A surprise was Dio's Straight Through The Heart - and was very welcomed by the fans. With Young Forever they finished the first part. While the drummers changed Jørn Lande talked with some fans - as he did between the songs already - and made some jokes. I saw Jørn with Ark and several times with Masterplan, but he never been that talkative and it seems that he was much more relaxed on stage with his solo band then with any other band he performed with....
The second part been started with Masterplan's Soulburn which was followed by songs of Beyond Twilight, Russell / Lande, some more of Jørn's solo albums and the Deep Purple cover Perfect Strangers. Well, at some parts Mr. Lande couldn't keep up with Ian Gillan, but is Mr. Gillan able to sing it perfectly these days? Anyway, everybody enjoyed this one. But before they did this one Jørn explained that he really loves to sing the songs of these bands... Bands which been his heroes when he was a kid and which influenced him a lot. And he annouced an album of cover versions for later this year. Last, but not least they played Stormcrow and left the stage. Fans were shouting for more and soon the band returned for some Whitesnake medley. Everybody was singing along and enjoyed this medley. Okay, at the end of this night Jørn's voice wasn't perfect and he skipped the high screams, but so does David Coverdale lately, too. I was fortunated to see Whitesnake at one of their better days this year, but I heard of some bad ones. Some say that the days of Mr. Coverdale are almost over... Well, with Jørn Lande there is an excellent singer who can take over.... A great show and I hope that soon more fans will get the chance to see Jørn Lande and his band live. I don't regret that I been to Vosselaar instead of seeing Blind Guardian in my hometown. Thanks a lot to the band, Bob & Biebob and to all the people who came out and partied! See you next time!?!

Set list:

We Brought The Angels Down (The Duke)
Blacksong (The Duke)
Gonna Find The Sun (The Snakes cover)
Duke Of Love (The Duke)
Are You Ready (Thin Lizzy cover / The Duke)
Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy cover)
Abyss Of Evil (Starfire)
Out To Every Nation (Out To Every Nation)
Bridges Will Burn (Worldchanger)
Straight Through The Heart (Dio)
Young Forever (Out To Every Nation)

Soulburn (Masterplan cover)
Godless And Wicked (Beyond Twilight - The Devil's Hall Of Fame)
Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple cover)
My Own Way home (Russell / Lande - The Battle)
Tungur Knivur / Noose (Worldchanger / Ark cover)
Stormcrow (The Duke)

Encore: Whitesnake medley of:
Come On
Sweet Talker
Crying In The Rain
Here I Go Again
Give Me All Your Love

Claudia Ehrhardt


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