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On disc: Juvaliant

Inhuman Nature - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Inhuman Nature

Inhuman Nature
(Limb Music Productions - 2010)

With Juvaliant a band from Mozart's hometown Salzburg is out to conquer the metal world. The intro Into The Abyss show the classic influence, but with Heroes (We Will Be) they demonstrate their love for progressive power metal. The Austrians offer heavy riffing, symphonic elements and a catchy melody line plus epic passages. If you listen closely you'll find reminiscences to Kamelot, Threshold and Beyond Twilight's The Devil's Hall Of Fame in their songs. But they also cite and Rhapsody Of Fire. Unfortunately some of the songs we only got only as edit versions and it seems that it's not like radio edits which are shortened, but complete songs, it seems that they are simply cut down... This surely effects the rating, coz I have no idea how much is missing and how the song would develop.
Songs like Hell's Roundabout show quite well what Juvaliant is about, most of the songs are up-tempo, show progressive elements, symphonic sounds and great vocals by Thomas Strübler. At Killing Child the symphonic elements are more prominent and the song offers speed changes and incl. a slow passage feat. keyboard and vocals. For me this song is one of the highlights. Another tune to check out is Silent Agony.
The closer Cold Distance Of The Universe is - in the version I have - just over 11 minutes long and kinda sums up what Juvaliant is about. The Austrian symphonic rockers are just another reason to take a closer look at the Austrian metal scene.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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