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On disc: Justice

- Hammer Of Justice - Volker Raabe - 5 stars

Hammer Of Justice

Hammer Of Justice
(Justice Music - 2002)

If you believe the label information, then you'll expect a killer album, a masterpiece, but during the years you learn as a journalist that these biographies are overstate the abilities and quality of a band. And in the case of Justice it happened again! Hammer Of Justice offers uncompromising guitar riffs, twin guitar leads and the song writing can convince partly, e.g. Rotten To The Core, Secret Live and Total Blackout. Justice don't just hammer down the songs, but they make the mistake to overrun the listener with their power trash. The vocals of singer Mitch will divide the metal fans in two parties. Mitch's heavy growls and thrash shouts fit to the hammering riffs, but became annoying after the 4th track - at least for me. The productions could have been more powerful, but I heard worse ones. Thrash fanatics can buy this album without doubts, but everybody else should listen to it first!

5 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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