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On disc: Jupiter VI

Back From Mars - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Back From Mars

Back From Mars
(Retroactive Records - 2008 (Euro version))

Peter Braun is the head of Jupiter VI and most will know him as Jimmy P. Brown II from Deliverance. Jupiter VI is a project and the chosen names are referring to the story of Back From Mars. With drums and heavy riffs they kick off and head into the title track Back From Mars. Musically the Jupiter VI is heading to classic rock with modern sound elements - and a dash of punk rock. And when you pay attention to the lyrics, you'll discover that the fivesome is talking about the situation of the World at the beginning of the 21. century. The Human Endeavor has a heavy groove and comes with spoken word parts over you, but when Peter Braun starts to sing he reminds me a bit of David Bowie... The Bowie-ish touch fits well to the rock tune. The semi-ballad Mimes Hill combines acoustic guitar and - a distant - rhythm guitar - a catchy, slightly melancholic tune. It becomes clear that Peter Braun is influenced by David Bowie - at least when the music fits to this style. And with Corporate Stiff they show another facet, the tune is crossing boarders to hard rock, but sticks out due to the guitar play and the spacy sounds. The heavy From Here Till Ever is hooking you up, but not with a catchy refrain. It's somehow disturbing and at the same time enthralling... With All Day And All Of The Night they present a Kinks cover, but the song differs little from the original... The tune has the rough edge of the original, but the vocals are bit smoother... The other cover is Daniel Amos' Through The Speakers ( Alien Synth Mix), another track I don't know. Shame on me, but I haven't come across Daniel Amos, at least not that I remember... Very spacy and with a dash of 80's synthy pop. One of the highlights is the balladesque Lucidia, but you should listen yourself!
At the end of the CD you find the title track Back From Mars in a German version to say thanks to his German fans. But for a native-speaker it sounds quite funny, coz the lyrics seem to be translated with some program... And the pronunciation is a bit clumsy, sounds partly almost like Russian accented German.... But a nice gesture!
Well, Jimmy P. Brown aka Peter Braun delivers a 70's glam, space rock album with David Bowie-like vocals. Nothing really new, but well done and the way they look at the world is quite disturbing - and many things they point at are true, even if we don't want to see the truth. But you can enjoy the music still. But it's always good to have lyrics which aren't using all the cliches allover again.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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