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On disc: Judas Priest

- Electric Eye (DVD) - Jörg Petersen -

Electric Eye (DVD)

Electric Eye (DVD)
(Sony - 2003)

The ones of you who have the video Priest... Live might think that they don't need this DVD. Think it over! The concert was recorded in 1986 in Dallas during the Fuel For Life tour. So it has mainly the songs of the current album Turbo and lots of classics - see set list below. Beside the live concerts there are 13 video clips of Judas Priest including Breaking The Law, Living After Midnight, Freewheel Burning, Love Bites, Painkiller and many more. But what makes this DVD really interesting is that is has TV appearances - called BBC Performances - of the British. There are takes from 4 different Top Of The Pops shows from 1979 and 1980. Also there are Rocka Rolla and Dream Deceiver recorded back in 1975! At all 7 TV performances.
Surely they have all this overdone for the DVD release, made the best out of the material. It's a Code 2 / PAL release with Dolby Surround 5.1 sound. Information for German readers: This DVD has FSK 16.
This DVD offers 145 minutes of music and shows decently the history of Judas Priest with Rob Halford. A must-buy for Judas Priest fans and actually every metal fan should have it in my opinion! And a good chance to kill the time until Judas Priest are back with Rob Halford on the stages in 2004.

Track list: Live in Dallas
  1. Out In The Cold
  2. Locked In
  3. Heading Out To The Highway
  4. Breaking The Law
  5. Love Bites
  6. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
  7. Sentinel
  8. Private Property
  9. Desert Plains
  10. Rock You All Around The World
  11. Hellion / Electric Eye
  12. Turbo Lover
  13. Freewheel Burning
  14. Green Manalishi
  15. Parental Guidance
  16. Living After Midnight
  17. You've Got Another Thing Comin'
  18. Hell Bent For Leather
  19. Metal Gods

Jörg Petersen(Translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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