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On disc: Joyless

Without Support - Claudia Ehrhardt - 3 stars

Without Support

Without Support
(VŠn Records - 2011)

Joyless arose from the ashes of Forgotten Woods, that was in 1996 and in the same year they presented their debut album Unlimited Hate. In 2000 their second full-length album Wisdom & Arrogance followed, now they present their 3rd album - Without Support. It's about 10 years since the release of Wisdom & Arrogance, but they releases several split-EPs between the albums. That's their history in a nutshell.
The Norwegian trio opens with Have A Nice Fight, a truly 60's / 70's sounding rock track, at that time many musicians thought it's cool to be stoned or they are more creative... Well, it seems that's the philosophy of Joyless. Right at the opener they sometimes seems to be out of tune... some passages are a bit weird and Ida HellebÝ's vocals are annoying - at least to me. The piano part at the end of the opener shows that they have potential - but most of the time it doesn't sound that way. Some bands achieve an authentic 60's / 70's sound, but have a production which matches today's standards, Without Support sounds like a cheap production of that time.... Perhaps you have to be stoned or at least drunk to enjoy this sonic trip, but I can't.
The opening passage of The Soft Addiction is promising, but way to soon they loose track and are out of tune. If you hope it gets better with Better, then they will prove you wrong! Some ideas are interesting, but poorly executed.
Okay, I guess this is how they wanted to sound, but I doubt that they will make a lot of friends with Without Support.

3 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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