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On disc: Jerusalem

She - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars


(Pierced Records - 2011)

Jerusalem is one of the most established bands in Sweden, and are totally focused around vocalist and guitarist Ulf Christiansson, who write the songs and stands a respectable front figure of this Swedish cult band. They started over 30 years ago and has always been committed to religious aspects of the metal music. However there has been 16 years where Jerusalem have not released an album of their own, in the meantime Ulf Christiansson has released his own music, fantastic songs in Swedish language where he puts his soul into the musical work.

Now it's time again to put Jerusalem back on track again, and the new cd She is also filled with a lovely mix of all their experienced efforts put successfully together. Starting with Calling On containing a hard dragging rock sound and a Ulf Christiansson guitar solo that kicks ass really gives evidence of this bands experience. I Was To Leave Her is more slow but has tremendous good qualities as the music metal fuel is given no rest. Suddenly has a good mid-tempo and a laid back attitude where Christiansson sings in falsetto screams as he sometimes does but and OK song none the less. Save My Life is as hard and bullheaded as it can be from the Swedish guys, wonderful competent hard rock. Amos 5 is a guitar driven rock epos where you can feel some inspiration from the old band UFO, same style of musical control. Also some soft and beautiful songs comes on the She album, Crown The King, The Story Of D, Standing At Jericho are all competent and very personal songs where their innermost commitment to Christian metal rock shows in the songs. Heaven is a soft song that raises the level of this new album, just listen to this brilliant song and you may cry a tear or two. The best song without any doubts is Supernatural. Both slow and heavy and hitting the spot with such power that makes you completely speechless, a marvelous song.

All in all a great comeback album from Jerusalem.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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