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On disc: J.B.O.

I Don't Like Metal, I Love It - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

I Don't Like Metal, I Love It

I Don't Like Metal, I Love It
(Megapress - 2009)

20 years of J.B.O.'s fun metal which they celebrate with the release of I Don't Like Metal, I Love It! The album offers 14 tracks and kicks off with I Don't Like Metal, a riff-based rocker with a funky edge. A cover of the reggae tune I Don't Like Reggae, not bad, but soon the funny lyrics are getting shallow - at least after several spins. The Ottawa cover D.I.S.C.O. is now offered in a metal version called M.E.T.A.L. - again nice idea. The fans love J.B.O. for their parodies of hits from other genres which present in a metal sound. Personally I'm growing tired of this quickly. Close to the original is Angie - Quit Living On Dreams, the Falco cover Jeannie is well done and lashes out on chancellor Angela Merkel. For me one of the highlights. At Dio In Rio they demonstrate how many band names rhyme on town names... A punky tune, but it's not enough to entertain you on the long run. Glenn Leipzig: Mudder is also close to the Danzig track Mother and it has it's moments with the Saxon lyrics. Unfortunately it's more a kind of interlude as it's only 1+ minutes long. With politically-based lyrics they present Es muss ein Rock (durch Deutschland gehen) and so they present a cool one at the end of the album. But only lyrically this one can convince you, musically it's very simple.
J.B.O.'s comedy metal is funny - when you hear the songs first, but I doubt that it can keep this level with every spin. There are some tracks which stick out like Angie - Quit Living On Dreams is one of them, but others are losing their charm during the first spin. I know that J.B.O. have a many fans - and that's okay -, but for metal fans who don't speak German it's pretty boring. And not everybody is sharing their kind of humor... If you like J.B.O., then you won't be disappointed. Everybody else should check them out and probably will be happy with the single Angie...

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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