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On disc: Werner Nadolny's Jane

The Journey I / Best Of Jane '70-'80 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

The Journey I / Best Of Jane '70-'80

The Journey I / Best Of Jane '70-'80
(SAOL - 2011)

Everybody who is into Krautrock will know Hanover-based band Jane, by now there are several bands who carry on the legacy of Jane and who have incorporated Jane in their band name - Mother Jane, Peter Panka's Jane and Werner Nadolny's Jane. In my opinion it doesn't matter how many original members are in a band, for me it's important that it sounds like the original. Werner Nadolny is one of the band members who's trying to keep the music of Jane alive. In the '70 and '80 Jane sold many albums and toured the world. Now Werner Nadolny's Jane is presenting The Journey I - Best Of Jane '70-'80, Nadolny re-recorded the classics with the current line-up and it's legitimate release, coz he wrote / co-wrote the songs and arranged the tunes.

They kick off with All My Friends and the first thing you notice it the warm sound you know from analog recordings - and that's essential for me when I listen to a band like Jane or Werner Nadolny's Jane. I think every music lover would pick different songs for a best of, but the collection is well-made and won't disappoint a fan of the early days. One of my favorites is Daytime, coz it manages to stick to the original and give it a modern sound. Well, sound quality. The lyrics sound a bit simple nowadays, but it authentic. To criticize them for their lyrics wouldn't be right, coz back in the days that's what German bands offered. Only Back Again isn't from the early days, it's a tune which was first released in 2000 by Lady Jane at their concerts and made it onto the Genuine album two years later. Anyway, it fit in and if you aren't familiar with their releases you wouldn't get the idea that it wasn't from their early days. It's a boogie-based rocker and so sticks out, but only as it's based on a different sound and it could have been written back then.

If you love Krautrock you should check out The Journey I - Best Of Jane '70-'80.

Track list:

All My Friends
Fire, Water Earth & Air
Way To Paradise
Out In The Rain
Windows/ Spain/ Love Your Life
Back Again

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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