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On disc: Jaguar

- Back Street Woman - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Back Street Woman

Back Street Woman
(Heavy 10 - 1981

Jaguar was founded in late 1979 in Bristol and made their first step into public with the single Back Street Woman in 1981. At Back Street Woman the four-some play raw, riff-based heavy rock with a nice hookline. The middle part is a bit slowed down, but just to speed up again. Singer Rob Reiss has a deep voice, but also adds some high screams. Partly it reminds a bit of early Motörhead... But the vocals are less raspy. The B-side is Chasing The Dragon and is a bit more melodic.. more catchy. With a nice lead guitar part of Garry Pepperd.
I think I first heard of Jaguar with Power Games at the BFBS HM Show a few years after this release. But when you listen to this single, you can already hear that this band has talent.
If you should find this vinyl single somewhere at a flea market or store, it's no waste of money!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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