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On disc: Jacobs Dream

Theater Of War - Volker Raabe - 9 stars
Beneath The Shadows - Umberto Mino - 7 stars

Beneath The Shadows

Beneath The Shadows
(Retroactive - 2009)

The fifth full-length album for the Christian metallers Jacob's Dream is called Beneath The Shadows. On this CD the first thing is the production, not at high level, that sometime reduce the quality of the songs and it's a bad thing, because on this album there are very nice songs like the title track or The Blessing And The Curse that deserve more....
This album start with the tracks called Welcome To My World and Minds Will Burn, a good way to open a CD. But with the followers Stain and Illusive Dream that arrive the real substance of this album - epic chorus and solid guitar riffs!!!!!
All the CD is based on solid mid-tempos and Hand Full Of Dust is one of that, until the ballad Reborn In Fire arrive to calm the atmosphere.
An album that I want to recommend also to those who doesn't like the Christian lyrics, to those who just listen to US power bands like Nevermore or Jag Panzer!!! Because the universe of metal is open to everyone, so please welcome Jacob's Dream in your CD player and listen!

7 stars

Umberto Mino


Theater Of War

Theater Of War
(Metal Blade - 2001)

Jacobs Dream offered a more then decent debut which is now followed by Theater Of War. Musically the Americans play power metal which become special through the voice of David Taylor. This time they are a little more progressive then on their debut which is most obvious at the balladesque song Traces Of Grace and the heavy riffing Sanctuary. But that doesn't mean that the rest are fillers!!! Especially the thrashy track Critical Mass which through the song structure is outstanding! They offer a larger variety on Theater Of War and musically they should be interesting for fans of the old Crimson Glory and Veni Domeni. And should buy, no must buy this album! If Jacobs Dream manage to transport the high quality on stage and make it live, then they will have a bright future!

9 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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