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On disc: Jack Starr's Burning Starr

Defiance - Umberto Mino - 8 stars


(Magic Circle Music - 2009)

Jack Starr is back after 6 years with a very nice CD. I'm very happy to say this, because he deserves more than a small part in a festival. Finally he found a nice and powerful singer like Todd Michael Hall who most of you people have seen last years at Magic Circle Festival!!!!!
But anyway, let's start this listening session with Inquisitor and Once And Future King. The first two tracks.... They sound epic and powerful like any metal maniac headbanger wanna listen!!!!! The following track is the title track Defiance, an epic sound and a catchy refrain mark this song. This track shows that Mr Todd Michael Hall isn't just a simple singer, but a very good one! The next track Day Of The Reaper is next in line - maybe a little Manowar sound a-like!!!!!! Indian Nation is another good one, but with the next tune Black Clouds Of Thanos we can listen the real masterpiece of this CD!!!!!! More than 9 minutes of real metallic ecstasy!!!!!!!!! In this song Jack Starr and Todd Michael Hall reach the highest point!!!!! For The King Must Die they accelerate the speed a bit, the song has a Manowar touch in the sound... And the following song Ancient Ones eases off a bit, okay for me. This is the low point of the CD and the Rainbow cover Catch The Rainbow get us back on the highest levels. Last two tracks are The Beast Inside, a killer mid-tempo track and a live version - recorded at Magic Circle Festival 2008 - of Evil Never Sleeps - fast and furious, a killer song. What can I say???? Jack and Todd Michael rule!!!! Buy or die!

8 stars

Umberto Mino


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