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On disc: Jack Frost

- Gloom Rock Asylum - Claudia Ehrhardt - 2 stars

Gloom Rock Asylum

Gloom Rock Asylum
(Serenades Rec. - 2000)

Sober is the first track and an instrumental intro... Slow and heavy. You Are The Cancer continues with a heavy tune, a dark voice added to the gothic rock / gothic metal sound... Like Pete Steele in a more mellow sound, very heavy, but without the typical metal parts. On How Will I Sleep the band should have cut down the song, coz the six minute long track is getting boring after awhile. All songs are between 4 min. and 6 min. long, so I miss the variety sometimes.
Musically Jack Frost offers a decent album, but can't compete with the big ones of this genre.
The cover California Dreamin was a surprise. To cover this kind of song ain't easy and... In my opinion they failed!
Sorry guys, but if you can't give 200% more next time, please don't release another album.

2 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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