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In Words: Isis Child

- Freddy Mazzucco - Nov. 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Isis Child
© Isis Child

Freddy Mazzucco - November 19th 2011 (by email)

The new album of Isis Child surprised me, I haven't heard of the band before and their mix of AOR and Westcoast sounds I really enjoyed. To learn more about Isis Child I jotted down some questions and Freddy Mazzucco was so nice to answer them.

You started Isis Child after your return from the States... Why did you wait til you were back in France?

I was quite busy in the US playing with bands, doing studio sessions etc... I didn't have much time for my own songs. That's why I had to wait until I was back to France to put my own band together.

It seems that the core of Isis Child is you and Nathalie Pellissier... Do you think of Isis Child as a band? Or a duo?

Of course, I think of Isis Child as a band, but we all know how hard it is to put a full band together for a long period of time with endless rehearsals, so I decided to go to the studio in Belgium with Nathalie and hire great session players for this album and put a band together after the recording of the album.

Why did you choose the name Isis Child?

I always loved Egyptology since I was very young so when time came to find a band name, Isis Child first came out and we liked it so we kept it. LOL

The first album you recorded was Ailleurs in 2008, and you were sticking to your mother tongue... Why did you decide to do a French album?

When I came back from the US, all my friends where telling me that since you're now in France, you should record an album in French, I didn't know if it was a good idea back then because my writing was all in English but I gave it a try and went all the way through. I must say that the French album sounded fine.

Now you are back with Strange Days, why switching to English now?

I always liked English language, for rock music it sounds much better than French and Nathalie could express herself much better. On top of that you can reach more people all over the world.

As I don't know Ailleurs... Beside using a different language, what are the differences between the albums for you?

First of all, the big rock sound!!! The album Ailleurs was more 'people pleasing' softer and less heavy on the guitars. On the new album, we said 'no more frustration!' LOL, let's rock for good this time!

Have you considered to do some of the songs off Ailleurs in English? Or can we expect some as future bonus tracks?

We actually did, we took 4 songs from the French album, add some steroids on the vocals and the guitars and went for it. The songs are : Dancing, Can't You Hear Me, Loneliness and Someone. More to come on the next album.

You recorded Strange Days in Belgium with Gerald Jans, why going to Belgium for the recordings?

Gérald Jans is a great friend and a great engineer too, his studio is so well equipped and comfortable, we felt at home the first day we arrived. On top of that, the musicians were very good too.

The mix and mastering was done by Pelle Saether... Your choice? Or someone the label suggested?

I've met Pelle Saether through MySpace few years ago and really liked his productions, so I called him and we went to Sweden, at Underground studio for the mixing and mastering. We both like Scandinavian rock sound.

Which song(s) would you like to shoot a video for?

Tough choice indeed! I'll go for the song Dancing or Looking For The One, I like the groove on both songs.

Did you wrote the songs over the years? And how much influence did Nathalie have on the songs?

Yes, I wrote all the songs over the years, Nathalie's voice is a great inspiration, I must say, that helps a lot in the writing process.

As you worked with different musicians to record Strange Days, what about live shows?

Now that we have an album and a label, it's easier to get musicians for gigs.

Enlighten us what made you start making music? And when did you start playing guitar? Any other instruments you play?

I guess music was in my veins at a very young age, but I only started playing guitar at 21 and right away I felt that this instrument was for me. I also play some bass and percussions.

What made you move to NY/NJ?

Well, I was fed-up with the French music scene, rock was happening everywhere except France, I knew that if I wanted to play rock music I had to move to the US because most of the music that I loved was coming from the States.

Please tell us a bit about the music / artists which influence(d) you!

J. Hendrix, J. Beck, E. Clapton, R. Blackmore and Neal Schon were my first influences as well as the fusion guitarists and once in the US, most of the shredders from the 80s and guys like Steve Lukather, Van Halen, Satriani etc... My fav bands were Journey, Giant, Whitesnake, Europe etc...

What are your plans for 2012?

Tour, tour and tour ! I’ll love to go back to the studio too, because the next album is almost written, but that's another story! LOL!

It will be interesting to hear more, to hear new songs from Isis Child and I like the idea to revive the songs of Ailleurs for the English albums and so a wider audience. But I still have to check out the originals!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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