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In Words: Irdorath

- Markus Leitner - March 2012 - Lars Bjørn -

© Irdorath

Markus Leitner - March 16th 2012 (by email)

When you get a German album title thrown in the face, Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches, the bells start to sound. Founder of the band, Markus Leitner answer our questions.

Hi Lars!
First of all thank you for your interest in Irdorath!

Irdorath, I can understand that there were many problems in how to get the right combination of band members, can you tell us a little about how you finally choose the formation you have now?

That was only a matter of time!
Today I am the only member from our starting formation. Time shows who wants to work hard enough and also loves to play music, with all good and bad aspects.
Now I am very satisfied with my band members!

And since you are settled now, and ready to go on tour, how do you manage to write new songs for the next album already now?

We do not play that much live concerts at the moment, so we have enough time for creating new songs beneath our gigs. We all are motivated, so there is always a way to find enough time for songwriting.

When did you start to write the songs on the current album Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches?

That was a long progress because of our changing members. In fact some songs from Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches were written two or three years ago.

Do you write songs as a band? Or is there a main songwriter in the band?

Today yes. The songs of Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches are mainly written by myself, although the band always had the chance to work with me.
Now with our complete formation everyone is more involved in songwriting than before and I really like that!

When did you first think about that the bands name should be Irdorath?

That is easy to answer. When we founded Irdorath we were looking a long time for a band name which we like and we did not want to use English or German words. So we were looking for a band name in a fantasy world. Everyone would first think of Lord Of The Rings but there are so many bands in nearly every metal genre so we tried to find our name in another fantasy world. Irdorath is an isle in the video game Gothic where an undead dragon lives. So there is no higher sense in it. In our opinion it just sounds great!

What inspires you to write music / lyrics?

Simply said music is our passion!
The main aspects of our lyrics are criticism according to mankind, the church and all different crimes and outrages people do to others. We present that in a provocative and some kind of brutal way, sometimes also with some sarcasm. I think that is what fits to our music.
So only read the newspaper or open your eyes; there are so many things in the present and in the past you can write about.

By the way: what bands / artists made you start playing? And which bands / artists are you listening to these days?

That's hard to answer, I had no main band; I like a lot of bands and I think everything you hear has some influence.
We listen to a lot of bands now, for example Legion Of The Damned, Behemoth, Vader, Hate, Belphegor, Hellsaw, Sodom, Destruction, Immortal, Carpathian Forest, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian and also rock legends as Kiss, Alice Cooper and many more.

How long did the recordings take? Where did you record Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches? And who produced the album?

We recorded our album at Soundtemple Studio in Germany and it was produced by Stefan Traunmüller. I think it took about two weeks.

Who did the artwork with the skulls? And is there some deeper meaning with the title beyond deconstructing the flesh?

Our artwork was done by 'Artwars Mediadesign', who also worked with bands like Kreator, Dismember, Sinister or Supreme Pain.
The artwork is a mixture of our album title and three concept songs on the album (Blindheit, Stummheit und Taubheit, in English it means blindness, muteness and deafness). So the destroyed heads significant the album title 'destroyer of flesh' and if you look closer, you can find the connection to blindness, muteness and deafness.

You don't have any worries about the number of sold albums when you choose to sing in German language?

Yes, we have but we don't care a lot about money! ;-) Our past singer wrote all lyrics in German. There is a lot of criticism in our lyrics, but of course if you do not speak the language you cannot get it! But the language aspect maybe will change in the future...

Which songs do you think represent Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches best? And why?

Not easy..., some songs are more thrash than black, some the other way round. I think every song has his interesting aspects. I personally like Bald ersäuft die Menschenbrut, Stummheit and Spiegelscherben the most. But listen to the album and chose for yourself!

I guess, you already got some feedback. Are you satisfied so far?

Yes, we got a lot of good reviews and of course also some bad. But I think this is normal, because our music is no typical straight black metal. Everyone who expects to hear true black metal may be some kind of disappointed.
But all in all we are quite satisfied so far.

What about playing live. You go on a tour now, how long time are you spending on the concert tour you have planned now?

We really love to play live.
We have been on a mini tour with Hellsaw and Thulcandra, three gigs, two in Austria and one in Germany. It was great and we are planning many gigs now.

Do you plan to record some live footage - not talking about Pro Shots - for YouTube or similar platforms?

Yes, we do. There are some live videos, but all with really bad quality. But we are planning live videos with better quality and also to record a music video in the future.

Talking about the internet..... social network is both a blessing and a curse. What's your opinion about it?

I think you already gave the answer... it is blessing and curse at the same time!
On the one hand you can reach a lot of people and can present your music; but on the other hand there are so many bands in the internet and there is also the illegal download matter... but that is the reality. Bands have to deal with that.

What's next on your schedule, besides doing concerts? Anything you want to add to the interview?

We are writing on our new songs right now and want to finish the songwriting and recording in 2012! So you will definitely hear from us!
Feel free to check out our music, come to our live shows... visit and like us on Facebook or MySpace. There will be our latest information what's going on and we really appreciate it if you also leave a comment!

Thanks for the answers, see you at the concerts, and good luck in the future.

Lars Bjørn


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