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In Words: In Mourning

- Björn Pettersson - Jan. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

In Mourning
© In Mourning

Björn Pettersson - January 14th 2010 (by phone)

Swedish band In Mourning are just presenting their second album, Monolith is released via Pulverised Records. I took the chance to talk to guitarist Björn Pettersson to learn a bit more about the band.
The bands debut album Shrouded Divine was released by Aftermath Music, the follow-up is handled by Pulverise Records.

Why are this change?

The deal with Aftermath was for only 1 record. Actually we were really happy with Aftermath Music, but they are a small label. We wanted to look for another, a bigger label, so we sent out some promos - and got a lot response. When we were close to start recording Pulverised Records contacted us. They offered us a good deal. Haarvard Holm, the guy from Aftermath, is a nice guy and even more important he is honest! He is limited and we wanted to move on. He knew we were new in the scene, but he was honest with us and he helped us to take the next step!

The artwork of Monolith was done by Travis Smith...

It's really cool! He has done another great one! The artwork for Shrouded Divine was made by a friend of us. We gave Travis plenty of rope. We had to choose from some drafts... One more black, darker then the one we choose. We choose this one, coz the Shrouded Divine had a dark cover. Our music is dark and many artworks are black-ish, but I believe that his album has more to offer... We aren't always dark.

Shrouded Divine was also released on vinyl, are their any plans for Monolith?

You know, it's a real cool thing to put it out on vinyl. We will try to do that with Monolith, too. Personally I'm a sucker for artwork, so....

The vinyl version of Shrouded Divine had a different artwork, why? And if you can release Monolith on vinyl, will it have a different cover artwork?

I created the artwork for the vinyl, coz this friend made it only in CD size and his computer was dead. So we had to do something different.

Collectors would love to have a vinyl with a different cover. Or alternated cover...

It will probably be a bit different... Perhaps a different angle or slightly different color... Something like that.

The album will be released in Europe and the US. Any plans to release it through iTunes or similar to make it available in other territories?

I'm not sure, but I think sooner or later it will be available that way. Shrouded Divine was released on iTunes and similar, so it would be good to have Monolith too.

With 3 guitarists In Mourning stick out, even if there are a few bands with 3 guitarist. How important the 3 guitarists are for the sound of the band?

Now it's really important and I don't think we would be able to continue with 2 guitarists now. We added different elements, we play more technical stuff and so Tobias can concentrate more on singing. It makes us able to be really heavy without down tuning more then a 1/2 step.

In Mourning is often compared with Opeth - and there are similarities. What do you think about this?

I think they are also quite progressive. Everybody would describe music differently, that's the beauty of it. Everybody hears something else. We probably have some similarities to Dark Tranquillity...

At the moment there is just one show scheduled, I guess more will follow... Anything you can tell us?

We want to get out and play a lot live! We work as hard as we can to get on tour and there is already more interest in us. It's not like we won't go on tour, but it needs some planning. Personally I'm in and out of jobs, but some of the others have jobs for a long time - and they won't risk losing them.

What about festivals? Rockstad: Falun is in your area....

We played Rockstad 2009. It would have been better to do it this year as it's growing. But playing there was great! About other festivals, if we get an offer, we will try to make it possible!

Last, but not least I wanted to know, what would be the tour of your dreams? Just hypothetical!

Opeth! That would be a cool tour for us as we all love them. More realistically is it to tour with Katatonia - and we like them a lot. I don't really have such a big dream, but our bassist would choose Iron Maiden. Anyway, hopefully we can go on tour and play your country!

At the moment a lot things are on planning stage, so Björn could tell about. If they come on tour and play my area, then we will catch up on what happened and perhaps he has some news to tell then... Thanks again for the opportunity to do this interview!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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