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In Words: Illdisposed

- Illdisposed - Oct. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -


Illdisposed - October 7th 2009 (by email)

Illdisposed are active for many years and the Danish have many fans. Now they have a new album and 2 re-releases out. Time to check out what's going on in the Illdisposed camp!

Your new album To Those Who Walk Behind Us is released by Massacre Records. The previous one on AFM Records. Why another label change?

After the split with Roadrunner Records we picked AFM because they made a lot of promises. After a while we realized that they couldn't keep most of their promises and we felt that they were dragging us down instead of helping us moving forward.

The Prestige was released in 2008 and now you have the new album out. How come that we got a new album that fast? Less live shows? Or an outburst of creativity?

After The Prestige was released I suddenly had a lot of ideas and I spent a lot of time alone. As a result of that I suddenly had plenty of songs for a new album. Our next one won't be released that fast, I'm quite busy these days.

Your 2 Roadrunner release were now re-released, I guess to make them available again... No interest by Roadrunner?

Exactly, it's just to make them available again after they got sold out. Most people think it's just a scoop we do to earn more money, but it's not. Roadrunner didn't want to re-print the albums because we're not signed to them anymore.

How did you choose the bonus material for the re-releases?

It was simply the most interesting bonus material we had!

Back to your new album... The ones behind you are your fans, is the album dedicated to them?

Yes, our fans and friends who stood behind us all the years. It also means that we are not walking in anybody else's footsteps.

And what are the strong points of To Those Who Walk Behind Us for you?

At the moment my favorite songs are For The Record, To Those Who Walk Behind Me and If All The World.

You do have a Danish song on the album, how have the reactions for that one been so far?

Of course the reactions are biggest here in Denmark. We've been playing that song live every night of the MTV Headbangers Ball tour here in Denmark and people were screaming for that song until we played it.

What about concerts? A tour?

We just finished a tour in Denmark along with Hatesphere. In December we tour Germany and Austria with Six Feet Under. We're planning a tour in the U.S. as well next year!

The band's 20th anniversary isn't that far away... Are you already talking about something special? A special show? A DVD?

We didn't think about that yet. Maybe we'll just celebrate with a bus trip to Harz or whatever old people do these days...

What are your plans for the next months?

Since we just did a tour, we'll relax a bit the next 2 months until we have to tour again.

Illdisposed will be back on the road and you should catch them live, if you listened to the bonus tracks you'll know what to expect. And it doesn't sound that they will slow down soon!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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