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On stage: In Flames

- Dimmu Borgir & more - Apr. 2001 - Cologne (D) -
- In Flames, Atreyu & CKY - Jan. 2010 - Tokyo (JP) -

- In Flames, Atreyu & CKY - January 22nd 2010 - Tokyo (JP), Zepp -

Yesterday I made the last class finish a bit earlier, but still I could only hear two or three songs from Each Of The Days, a Japanese band (Tokyo Zepp is quite far from the university). It wasn't that outstanding, and it was funny that the guitarist used the guitar I wanted to buy (very cheap; at least it looked the same). They had two drummers, and one of them was a girl, quite unusual. Actually, I didn't even know there were this many bands, this made the event kind of a festival, I thought it'll only be CKY, Atreyu and In Flames. Not quite...
Then came the first break, and I met a couple of American navy people, they were long into drinking, but still really nice people. From then on I appear on a couple of photos I guess, as a random Hungarian guy. I also got to know a Japanese girl, whom I helped out when she couldn't understand what the drunk Americans were saying anymore.
Endless Hallway played really nice catchy music, sometimes with quite amazing riffs, and they all look the favorite of teenage girls way. They played for roughly half an hour, just like Each Of The Days before, it was just how it had to be before the bands coming after. I guess this was the time when beers started to fly.
That break I met new people again, more and more from the navy (of various countries) and Japanese as well, two girls and two guys, talking away the whole break. And realized that Asahi draft is more water than beer.
The Americans really liked CKY. It didn't leave deep marks in me, but surely was a nice speedy and rocking gig. I was once again surprised by that the guitar of the singer only has four strings. Nonetheless it sounded great and powerful. Quite interesting is that the drummer's brother is the Jackass Margera.
Once more passed a break, without any special event, just talking and socializing.
Atreyu was the first band that I actually knew in line, true only one song, which they didn't play, but still. It was a huge rockin' party, really enjoyed it. Sure I got a bit tired, just a bit by here, but they indeed know how to speed up the crowd again: announced that they're recording the video of Lonely there.
Last break before In Flames, where suddenly members of the earlier bands started showing up, of course a huge outbreak of signings and photos...
In Flames was exactly as expected. Well, except that at least for me, I couldn't hear the vocals at all. They played long, and even though I was listening to their whole discography on Grooveshark for days, they still played mostly songs I didn't know (from the new album, obviously). Still, it was great. They started with Cloud Connected (funny that in this video they look totally different) and later on Trigger was there as well. (Yeah, I'm a Reroute To Remain fan.) The tiger-stripe tattoo on guitarist Bjrn's arm rocks high deal, I'm seriously considering it. The set list, by the way: Cloud Connected, Embody The Invisible, Pinball Map (this one was great live), Delights And Angers (love this song), Disconnected, Trigger, The Hive, Only For The Weak, Artifacts, March To The Shore, Come Clarity, Leeches, Alias, Mirror's Truth, Quiet Place, Take This Life and My Sweet Shadow (I don't know, if there were any more, this much I could catch with a photo of the set list). And singer Anders has dreads too! (Though a different style.)
After the concert a Japanese girl, three Finnish guys and me went to have an overnight talking-drinking party. We ended up in a blue place with lot of aquariums in Shibuya (forgot the name), we learnt that the creepy small animals in the water are called ummi in Finnish, and had fun till morning. Later an other Japanese girl friend of the Finnish guys joined too. I'm not writing names here on intention, but they were military people too (quite amazing to hear about the amounts of explosives used and stuff). I got home and in my bed around seven... One really great night, one of the bests.

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