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On disc: Iubar

- Invitation II Dig - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars

Invitation II Dig

Invitation II Dig
(Smilodon - 2007)

Iubar is the morning star, also called Lucifer's star - Lucifer means light bearer / light bringer in Latin -, but Iubar is also a Swedish band. Their music is described as High Energy Psychedelica Rock....
The title track Invitation II Dig kicks off with some distant bell... then some folk-ish guitar and psychedelic sounds. The opener has some Pink Floyd-ish sounds combined with oriental elements and folk parts, but they don't really get me with this mixture... Light pop with the before mentioned elements. On the following Become the oriental sounds get more prominent. The voice of Viktor Björklund is very unique, but partly his whinny tone is annoying me... The track Horse is for me the best song - here they reduce the oriental sounds - and Viktor Björklund's voice is more relaxed.
Guitarist Steven Kautzky Andersson got a Grammy nomination for his solo work, so its played well, but this mixture is simply not my cup of tea.

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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