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On disc: It's Alive

- Earthquake Visions - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Earthquake Visions

Earthquake Visions
(Music For Nations - 1994)

When I got this album the biography let me think of Dan Reed Network and Extreme, but both bands released great albums in the late 80's and it's been awhile since these releases - and the music scene changed. The Swedish present some kind of glam metal with funk elements, but somehow this album didn't get me...
The album opener give the right idea, this is a good time album. With Give Us A Place they cheer up the listener with 'get up, get up'. Funky, grooving metal with huge refrains and a big choir. Nice, but still... With Someone In The House and I'm Your Man 2 tracks follow the opener which make me want to switch off. These songs are weak, but luckily it gets better afterwards. Well, after the Wild Cherry cover Play That Funky Music.... Even if the original is quite known, it never became one of my favorites. The next songs are okay, but only the Dan Reed-ish There Is Something really got me. With Where I they kinda finish the circle and present a track which has the same feel as the opener. A bonus on the Music For Nations is - beside the already mentioned Play That Funky Music - another cover, this time they try out Kiss' Parasite.
Well, they have some fans and some people who are into this funky glam metal will love this album. But not me! Sorry guys, but in my humble opinion this is far from the level Dan Reed Network had.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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