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On disc: Iron Lamb

The Original Sin - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

The Original Sin

The Original Sin
(High Roller Records (vinyl) / Pulverised Records (CD) - 2011)

Some bands are special, others are beyond special, that's just the way it is. Swedish band Iron Lamb has released their debut album after having recorded a few singles here and there since their beginning in 2009. The four guys from Stockholm have tried for a long time to get more active on their live performance, getting more concerts, and that would be really good because Iron Lamb is a punk and rock band who needs to get their message out to their fans. It will surely help now they have released this fine piece of CD with it's mixture of punk and melodic rock sometimes inspired by G.G.Allin to boost along their pace. Rotten Wood / The Original Sin is close to perfection in the genre of total metal, super fast punk that just nails the unbelievers tight to spot. Dubious Preacher is speed metal, punk, and heavy metal all put together in a neat combination where you get a good impression of Iron Lambs technical skills. Poison is a cover version of the old Motörhead hit with the same speed and dedication that Lemmy put into the song. I Don't Wanna Be Like You has lots of punk and powerful speed inside, a great and personal song that holds their flag high.

Their self-description is: The lamb who breaks out of the horde, and refuses to bow to trends, hypes, fakes and morons.

I'm glad they go in such a dedicated direction, they deserve to get a good start and more concert arrangements, their mix of style is really genuine.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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