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On disc: Iron Fate

Cast In Iron - Lars Bjorn - 7 stars

Cast In Iron

Cast In Iron
(Massacre Records - 2010)

Iron Fate is a new band from Germany who are now releasing their debut album in July 2010. They are very much inspired by Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, they play typical old school metal, straightforward metal without complicated styles. 9 songs that maybe are a little difficult to seperate from each other, they are all in the same style, but that is not a bad thing. It is not getting boring, but to critisize them a bit: the songs could be hard to remember afterwards, but I think thats get better when they become more wellknown to the audience. There are no long songs that threatens be muddy, so they are absolutely in the right direction so to speak.
The best quality of Iron Fate is the singer Denis Brosowski who have an outstanding voice, he masters a superb tecnique, a wonderful assett for a new band.
The best material is the wonderful ballad Painful Sorrow, but also Imagine A Better World, Resurrection, and the title track Cast In Iron is a particular splendid song. That song, Cast In Iron, is their way to the breakthrough. It has the super voice of Brosowski, almost Rob Halford like in the way he screams and holds the tones, fast guitars and also good melodical creations. A good and interesting debut CD.
Iron Fate are: Denis Brosowski (vocals), Harms Wendler (guitars), Martin Plugmacher (guitars), Jan Abraham (bass) and Sascha Wendler (drums)

7 stars

Lars Bjorn


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