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On disc: In This Moment

- The Dream - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

The Dream

The Dream
(Century Media - 2008)

The Californian band In This Moment was founded in 2005 and released their debut Beautiful Tragedy last year. Now with their sophomore release they changed directions a bit, took away the high screams of Maria Brink as well as the metalcore elements and present themselves now more rock-oriented.
They kick off with The Rabbit Hole which is only an intro for Forever. But then they start to rock! Crunchy guitar riffs and clean melodic vocals of Maria Brink rule this song, they now sound a bit like Evanescence or similar bands. At the following All For You they add a dash gothic and so can be compared with acts like Within Temptation... Even if this track is more rock then metal. In the middle of the song they have a slow, atmospheric guitar solo. Then they speed up and the solo guitar is presenting a neo-classical metal-influenced passage. The refrain's hook line will soon haunt you - and I wonder why they didn't choose this tune for the single... Slowly starts Lost At Sea, but again they push the accelerator down a bit. They keep switching between slower passages and faster ones. Maria's vocals are emotional and touching. The guitar riffs add heaviness to the tune, otherwise to would be too sweetish... Another heavy one is Her Kiss, but the song sticks out through the different atmosphere... The song carries a rock vibe combined with a very slightly Oriental touch and metal riffs. I can't even tell what this giving me the impression of the Oriental touch... but for me it's there. Towards the end they have a short passage where their past is shining through. Cool track, but will mislead you as much as the ballad Into The Light. Metal is back in their sound with You Always Believed, even if the vocals add a soft edge the guitars stay metal. A bit like Kelly Clarkson, just heavier and with metal riffs... With The Great Divide they get back to their past with thrashy riffs and metalcore passages as well as screams. The song seems to be out of place here... The closer is the title track The Dream. Slowly they lead you into this song... A bit dreamy in the beginning, but then the whole band joins in and it gets a notch harder, but its still a ballad.
Resume: Fans of the debut will miss the metalcore elements, but with their new blend of rock and metal with melodic, clean vocals they will get more attention. Check out: Lost At Sea, All For You and You Always Believed.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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