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On disc: Intense

The Shape Of Rage - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars

The Shape Of Rage

The Shape Of Rage
(Pure Legend Records - 2011)

Bravo. Intense do not have the biggest haste as they took 20 years to come to their third album, but when it has this quality it's easy to forgive them and their productivity. They stay loyal to the sound that NWoBHM invented, and they still have a fresh metal spirit finding their place in the metal universe. When they released the album it got rewarded with 'album of the week', 17. October 2011, and fully understandable. A stable band who know what they are doing is showing themselves from the best side with a humoristic attitude on The Elemental, rough metal where Intense pledge the message 'long live heavy metal', and that is hard not to agree with. Anubis is filled with tempo metal where they grab control of the metal side of life, sparkling with energy. Lie has the perfect rhythm, professional and tough. Save Me From Myself is again professional and uncomplicated, very British in the building of the song, good guitar work pressuring it's way to the top. Haunted, 1-2-metal at full speed, really putting them in front of the show, great song. Skull Of Sidon II brings this album to a close and the melodic creativity is superb and heavy all the way. Sean Hetherington and the guys have done a must-have album where everybody can get something good and satisfactory.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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