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Across The Dark - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Across The Dark

Across The Dark
(Candlelight Rec. - 2009)

The Finnish outfit from Joensuu is presenting their 4th album, a disc full of heaviness, dark melodies and mean growls.
Slowly and with acoustic guitars the Finnish kick off the album with Equivalence, but it's not just an intro! They pick up speed and add some heavy drumming, then they explode into a heavy, dark and atmospheric tune with deep growls. Down With The Sun is a guitar-driven track with a melodic guitar line on top of heavy riffs. This time they slowly fade out. At Where The Last Wave Broke they have Jules Näveri adding some clean vocals. Aleksi Munter's keyboard give the tune a melodic edge and the guitars give the song some catchiness... Well done by Ville Friman and Ville Vänni! This one is definitely one of the highlights on Across The Dark! Reminds me a bit of Amorphis... They storm off with Against The Stream, a thrashy tune - with twists and turns. The keyboard isn't too prominent, but supports the dark atmosphere very well. The middle part is a slow, slightly folk-ish part - and then they speed up again! The guitars have a slight Paradise Lost-ishness. And this time the keyboard leads out of the song slowly. Into The Woods opens up with fast riffing, then slightly eases off. An atmospheric tune which seems to change from sadness and anger to a less depressive feel, as there is a spark of hope... And back to despair. Symphonically the closer Weighted Down With Sorrow starts. After an intro with cello they head into a heavy, riff-based track. The guitar melody is full of sadness. Gloomy and dark - and enchanting.
A great album by the Finnish foursome! They are still presenting melodic death metal with different elements. They create a sound universe while crossing genre boarders. Check out: Where The Last Wave Broke, Lay Of The Autumn and Into The Woods!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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