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On disc: Insane Prophecy

Apogee Of An Inquisition - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Apogee Of An Inquisition

Apogee Of An Inquisition
(Lucid Recess Studio - 2012)

India also have some black metal music and in January 2012 Insane Prophecy release their debut EP called Apogee Of An Inquisition. It's a band who had survived several setbacks due to band members who didn't have the mood to continue being in the band, but founding member drummer Ifty Sarwar finally found the constellation to a stable band with Xulfi Nawaz (bass) and Bikash Subka on guitar. As there is no singer Ifty and Xulfi handles the vocals of the band. They have earlier recorded a first single Blasphemy Ov A Diabolic and this song is also present here. It is quick and aggressive black metal with wild and melodic structure. The next song The Canticle has massive drums from Ifty who also give his heart in growls along with melodic guitars from Bikash, way to go. Double vocals from Ifty and Xulfi dominates At The Apogee Of An Inquisition, speeding and pounding black metal with very creative rhythmic songwriting. If you did not know that black metal also could be acoustic the band gives you the answer. Obsequies has the characteristic acoustic music with influences from hard black metal and this song is really worth listening to. Insane Prophecy is inspired by the sound of Norwegian black metal bands but also put their own personal ideas into their music as all band members contributes to the songwriting. They have not done so many concerts, but they could certainly have a great future ahead of them.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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