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On disc: Inner Terror

Behold The Inner Terror - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Behold The Inner Terror

Behold The Inner Terror
(self-released - 2010)

Some will remember the band Axemaster, a band from the 80's. After they re-united they figured out that they need a new name, coz they changed musically to a more modern style. So Inner Terror came to life in 2009. Now guitarist Joe Sims and his mates present the Inner Terror debut Behold The Inner Terror which is in a nutshell a mix of power metal / US metal and dash of thrash metal.
The intro Eternal Darkness leads you into this self-released album. The title track is the first 'real' song and is a powerful mid-paced track. It reminds me a bit of Iced Earth (guitars) and Cage (vocals), but singer Dan Kaisk has a darker timbre. At Unresting Place Mr. Kaisk mainly barks out his words in a story telling way, but it fits. One of the highlights is the aggressive Self Human Genocide - a thrashy power metal tune. The Perfect Killing Machine is a good example for Inner Terror's sonic universe, coz it show the different elements incl. a short lead guitar part by Sims. Harder They Fall is another track which sticks out, this time it's the high-pitched screams and a cool guitar solo. The closer is called Winds Of Death shows Kaisk's whole range, so he adds some very melodic passages as well as powerful, harsh vocals. And one more time drummer Brian Henderson shows his skills accompanied by bassist Jim Curtis and Joe Sims guitar on top of it.
Inner Terror present a more then decent debut which combines different elements without pushing too far and so fans of power metal, US metal and thrash metal can enjoy this album. To get a first impression of Inner Terror, head over to their MySpace!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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