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On disc: In Mourning

Monolith - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Pulverised Records - 2010)

The Swedish band In Mourning presents Monolith, their 2nd full-length album. They kick off with For You To Know, a melodic death metal tune with progressive elements and a catchy vocal passage. Due to the fact that In Mourning has 3 guitarist you get a wall of guitars delivering riffs, but it also gives them the space to experiment and add complex parts. Tobias Netzell's growls add the death metal touch - and so you can make comparisons with Opeth. The beginning of Debris is quite atmospheric, creating soundscapes. Then the growls been add to the now riff-based track. A very heavy tune with twists and turns, so there is for example a short passage with acoustic guitar. They storm off with the Poet And The Painter Of Souls, luckily they reduce speed a few times and so create a sonic roller coaster ride. The songs are all quite long, and sometimes I think that shortening it would have done the song good... At The Smoke they offer a very atmospheric and melodic part which has something Floyd-ish.... But it's embedded in some mid-tempo melodic death metal. At With You Came Silence it's mainly the grunts which give it a death metal edge, but you also get some black-ish vocals. The guitars make it more melodic, and personally I think that with melodic vocals the song would be more intense.. Anyway, complex passages give the track a progressive edge. With The Final Solution (Entering The Black Lodge) they offer a track which start mid-paced and slows done even more and after a heavy riff-based part they return to the slow passage. Somehow the songs follow the same scheme...
The complex structures, the heavy riffs are quite cool and the guys really offer some good songs, but in my opinion the vocals limit them. I know that some will just love them for the grunts and growls... So it's a matter of taste, I guess....

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


           2008-2010 by Claudia Ehrhardt • E-Mail:

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