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On disc: Inmortalys

Hacia La Libertad - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Hacia La Libertad

Hacia La Libertad
(self-released - 2007)

I only know little about this Nicaragua-based band. Inmortalys arose from the ashes of Boycott in the city of Leon. First a quartet the founding members were looking for a suitable singer which they found in Jorge Hernandez.
This 3-track demo is called Hacia La Libertad, but they kick off with Planeta Azul. The track starts with neo-classical guitar play, but has some classic citations woven in. In the beginning a bit faster they ease up a bit when singer Jorge Hernandez joins in. Now more mid-paced, but with fast passages, they present a traditional heavy metal tune. Well, the sound of this demo isn't the best, but it can still give you an idea about the Nicaraguan band. The five-some works with speed changes, breaks and adds some more neo-classical parts incl. a guitar duel. Quite Maiden-ish is Apocalypsis, and in my opinion a bit too close the NWoBHM heroes, even if this changes a bit when singer Jorge Hernandez joins in. Later in the song they can surprise the listener with a brief black metal-ish vocal part, but then get very symphonic. The title track is a melodic speed metal tune with neo-classical influences and here the song really suffers from the bad sound. But I get the impression that this one shows the band better and more unique then the previous tunes. But then it seems to Unfortunately the sound isn't leveled and so it isn't much fun to listen, even if this song has the most potential.
It would be interesting to hear the songs better produced and recorded with the help of a good producer who brings out the best. This demo isn't presenting something new and if they want to get some attention they need a better production - and perhaps add some uniqueness...

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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