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On disc: Infinity Minus One

- Tales From The Mobius Strip - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Tales From The Mobius Strip

Tales From The Mobius Strip
( Inc. - 2002)

On I found a band called Infinity Minus One which sounded pretty interesting. After listening to some tracks and visiting their website I decided to contact the band for more information when I got an email from singer Denis J. Lanza. Soon I had the CD - a real press kit - in the mail.
The band was founded in Boston, Massachusetts by four musicians who met while studying at Berklee College of Music. They had the same visions and so Inifinity Minus One was born. That's the short form of the story; an interview will follow soon and give a more detailed look at the band! The 4 track CD Tales From The Mobius Strip starts with At The Doorway Of Existence which is a almost 7 minute long complex song. Progressive rock / metal on a high level, like a complex sound track for a short movie. For metal fans who aren't into progressive metal this is hard stuff, but worth to listen to, coz it grows with every spin! The voice of Denis J. Lanza is crowning the music which in it's complexity combines elements of electro and psychedelic rock with reminiscences to classic compositions. With this track they are following the path of Dream Theater and even go a little further! No easy listening stuff, but give it a chance. With the second track Face To Face the band proof that they can do more simple songs and keep them interesting for the listener. Face To Face is a slower tune where the vocals are like the main instrument. Keyboard and guitar parts are less complicate and here the drums / percussion by Libor Hadrava catch your interest by unusual rhythms and breaks. The instrumental Independence Day starts with drums and guitar before a break lead into a more progressive part. Again a song which seems to be the sound track for a short movie, but this time heavier then on the opener. On the other hand the quartet included sounds we can be found on songs of bands like Pink Floyd, Yes and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. And when you think you know what's coming next, they surprise you e.g. with a funky bass line, just to continue with a keyboard dominated progressive part. Last, but not least Architectural Martyr can be heard, a track which remind me a little bit of YES. Here the screaming guitar and the drum rhythm build a counter part to the lead vocals and backings. Denis J. Lanza is partly singing high-pitched, but changes back and forth showing the vocal range of Mr. Lanza. For guitars and keyboards Kairo Zentradi and Kevin Hammer are responsible who play both instruments and give the band so a larger variety of sound. Produced and engineered by Kevin Hammer the band present themselves very powerful and independent, not following any trends. If this quartet stands for the quality of Berklee College of Music, then there is a lot to expect from there! And from Infinity Minus One! Let's hope that they get their chance!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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