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On disc: Infestus

Chroniken des Ablebens - Carsten Bahr - 8 stars

Chroniken des Ablebens

Chroniken des Ablebens
(Debemur Morti - 2008)

The German duo Infestus split their album Chroniken des Ablebens into 3 chapters, the album deals with death, darkness, despair and dead wish. In a way this is a conceptual album, coz this topics are the red fathom of the album and fits well to their atmospheric black metal. They offer 8 quite long tracks - incl. a hidden track - and they know how to create morbid, desperate atmospheres which Infestus achieve without using some corny keyboards and so the album becomes a bittersweet and depressive piece of work. No cheesy sounds, Infestus show themselves full of hate. The twosome offers a wild ride incl. blast attacks, acoustic parts, melodic passages and this combination will make you shiver! Infestus manage to combine black metal attacks with soaring melodies. Even if the long tracks are lengthy at times, the songs offer varying sounds and show hate, despair and even frailty. The German lyrics are well done, even if you can hardly understand the raspy vocals. But it's no problem, coz the thick, disturbing atmosphere is what counts. Infestus deliver an impressive piece of suicidal black metal and so will please genre fans. The sound is clear and powerful, so that you can hear every detail of the songs - and the more often you'll listen, the more details you'll find!

8 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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