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On disc: Inferion

The Desolate - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

The Desolate

The Desolate
(self-released - 2012)

A 9 year long break since Inferion last album, and now Nick Reyes aka. Thor has 9 new songs to break the silence. And when you start The Desolate album it is certain that the silence is broken completely. Thor handles guitars and drums with a feeling as if the stakes were set high, and especially the way he lets the guitars dominate this album is unique. He has a sense of finding the perfect blend between complicated and traditional black metal, so everybody can find something to their liking. Forgotten Ethereal Visions gives the listener a tour of real fast guitar play, but still true to the typical black metal with steady rhythms and growls included. It Begins With Blood is a melodic and hammering fist that tears up the black metal path other bands find themselves on. Among The Twilight has a very brutal way of attacking the themes of metal, a fast and very powerful way to do the music. More high quality guitar work comes in Moment Of Anger, a song in sharp and tempo-filled distinguished black metal. The Killing Process has a more complex rhythm but still gives a perfect aggressive sound where Thor shows his skills as a songwriter. Purest Evil is superb and melodic black metal with the highest class in the black metal world, again this fantastic guitar performance really lifts the song. Underlife is the longest song, but also the best. Attacking sound in a style that could be described as total metal where everything is taken from the dark universe and weaved into this forceful metal hymn. Please don't wait 9 years before you release the next album, Thor!

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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