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On disc: Incarnate

Hands Of Guilt / Eyes Of Greed - Carsten Bahr - 4 stars

Hands Of Guilt / Eyes Of Greed

Hands Of Guilt / Eyes Of Greed
(Demons Run Amok - 2011)

Since the bands debut A Dark Age Of Lies it's been 5 years, but now the Dutch outfit is presenting the follow-up via Demons Run Amok Records. But even after such a long time musically nothing changed. Incarnate present some dark neo-hardcore la Hatebreed combined with a bit of doomcore (bit of Crowbar added) and a dash of old school thrash la Slayer. You'll also find some death metal elements in their sound and so you also get some growls additionally to hardcore shouts. If you read this, it sounds good, but on disc it doesn't really hits off. The fast up-tempo aren't that bad, even if the arrangement could be better, the main problem is that very soon they slow down and add breaks which destroy the flow of the song. Bits and pieces which show that they have some good ideas, but they don't carry on. Beside that the song construction is always the same, first they speed of, then there is a short groove part which leads into doomcore. Unfortunately this is getting boring soon and you soon get the impression that the different elements aren't well connected. After a few spins you won't remember much, beside that the short running time isn't value-for-money.

4 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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