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On disc: Impellitteri

System X - Amir Djawadi - 4 stars
Wicked Maiden - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Wicked Maiden

Wicked Maiden
(Metal Heaven - 2009)

Guitarist Chris Impellitteri founded the band back in 1987 and released a self-titled EP the same year. The Impellitteri discography lists 3 EPs and now 9 albums - the latest is called Wicked Maiden. The new album was written, recorded, mixed and mastered over a period of 3 years. On Wicked Maiden Rob Rock is back at the mic and drummer Glen Soble played in the studio and can also be seen on video, but Brandon Wild is now handling the drums.
Awarded guitarist Chris Impellitters leads into a fast opener - the title track Wicked Maiden. The cover and lyrics revive the 80's heavy metal and the title track is obviously based in 80's metal as well, but also offers a catchy hook and so make it easy to get into the new album. The track also has a slower passage and a solo part, but that's no surprise for fans of Impellitteri. At Last Of A Dying Breed they offer heavy staccato riffing, fast drumming and again a catchy hook, but also a slower passage with a heavy groove. Half way through the album it gets obvious that you get variations of 80's heavy metal with great hooks, somehow the songs sound familiar due to the 80's sound and Rob Rock's vocals. At Garden Of Eden the guitar solo is almost too long, but right when you start getting bored they get back to business. One of my favorites is Wonderful Life, even if I can't really tell you why. Somehow the vocals are different... At Holy Man it gets a bit progressive... And you might not expected the distorted spoken words part, but then the song becomes a melodic heavy tune with symphonic elements. More songs like this one would have done the album good...
Well, that these guys can play is no secret, the songs are based in 80's heavy metal, even if you find a modern element here and there. So fans who dig the 80's heavy metal and like shredders like Yngwie Malmsteen should check this album out! If Malmsteen and the 80's heavy metal isn't your favorite music, the album might bore you...

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


System X

System X
(Steamhammer - 2002)

What makes the new album of Impelletteri special? It's special, coz no longer Rob Rock is the singer of the US band and the new one is non other then Graham Bonnet who is known for his work with Rainbow and MSG. In 1988 they already gave it a try and now they worked again together. At that time they were nobodies, but now the band of guitarist and mainman Chris Impelletteri is established. Their latest release is also mixed by Mr. Impelletteri and they offer 10 hard rock tracks. An album with is very traditional the master presents. Recorded with keyboarder Ed Roth, drummer Glen Sobel and bassist James Pulli they release the album called System X which opens another chapter in the band history and it will be another successful one. The band still has a lot energy and fresh ideas like newcomer band, seems that the new front man gave fresh blood to the band. This album can make them big! Let's wait and see...

4 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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