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On disc: Impaler

Nightmare Attack - Carsten Bahr - 6 stars

Nightmare Attack

Nightmare Attack
(MDD Records - 2011)

The debut Nightmare Attack of Japanese band Impaler was released in 2009 via Rock Staak Records, offered only 8 tracks and about 22 minutes of music. Now MDD Records is releasing Nightmare Attack in Europe, it's the debut plus 3 bonus tracks - so it's just above 35 minutes running time. Impaler present old school thrash - raw, abrasive and hasty. The guys show tribute to old Slayer, Razor and Hirax, so they push the pedal to the metal from the first note. They storm off and don't slow down, only at I'm Alive and Junk Brain which are a bit longer they add some grooves. The Japanese trio sounds authentic and you can feel the spirit of the 80's. This is old school! Riffs fired at high speed, the drummer tries to break the sound barrier, only the voice of singer / guitarist Kazuhiko Takeda will divide fans of old school thrash. He sounds like a cross of Mille and Tom Araya - on helium! And so he sometimes seems to be out of tune, but somehow it fits to their sound. The Japanese are crazy, but if you get used to the voice and if you don't look for innovative and varying sounds, then this is pure fun. If you like it fast, dirty and raw, then you will enjoy this album. The bonus tracks fit well to the rest of the album, sounds like they were written at the same time, but I have to criticize the sound. The tracks sound like a bad demo, one done in the early 80's with a tape recorder. And this minimizes the positive impression I had and so I recommend to check out the album, then buy it.

6 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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