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On disc: Images Of Eden

Rebuilding The Ruins - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars

Rebuilding The Ruins

Rebuilding The Ruins
(Nightmare Records - 2011)

What a great CD we get from the very interesting American band Images Of Eden. Their new album Rebuilding The Ruins is full of spectacular music from one end to the other. It sounds like they are inspired by Aerosmith, but in fact several of the songs has a basic rhythm and creation that makes you think of Deep Purple due to symphonic and bombastic epic attack, intelligent in a way that the feelings are sitting on the outside of the clothes. Images Of Eden successfully uses keyboards to give more volume on some songs, so lets take a look at what we are sitting with from Rebuilding The Ruins.
Tribal Scars is released as their first single off the album, a symphonic expose that holds good rock quality, but only gives part of the story of how complex Images Of Eden really are. In my view most material have a surface varying between epical, hard rock that is getting heavier by the moment, examples: Crosses In The Sand, Sorrow's End, Rebuilding The Ruins, Children Of Autumn and also Sunlight Of The Spirit, but just underneath the surface lurks the power that is so vital and yet indulged on the entire album. It's a great technique to have that power behind the songs without letting it dominate it completely. Maybe their style is a bit confusing, but this 3rd album from Images Of Eden makes an impact only few bands does.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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