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On disc: Ignis Fatuu

Neue Ufer - Lars Bj°rn - 6 stars

Neue Ufer

Neue Ufer
(Trollzorn Records - 2011)

A very interesting new CD comes from Ignis Fatuu, the German metal band that specializes in folk metal and Celtic metal. They divide the singing between the two vocalists Irene and Alexander. The language is German, both in their lyrics and their website, maybe to illustrate that folk metal has a solid base in Germany, and this attempt from Ignis Fatuu will surely appeal to many people, also fans of traditional heavy metal, since there are many different kind of songs on this album. The basic instruments are flute and guitar, but themes of light rock, heavy metal, more soft metal are well included on their album Neue Ufer. Nothing falls directly through the hands, but the song Neue Ufer seems to be very tame and without bite. But songs like Spiel des Lebens, Albtraum, Hochmut, W÷rterschmied stands for great melodic heavy flute and tight guitars. That will take them meet fans throughout the specter of the heavy metal scene.

6 stars

Lars Bj°rn


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