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On disc: Ice Age

- Liberation - Amir Djawadi - 4 stars


(Magna Carta - 2001)

Liberation is the name of the latest release of Ice Age. Lyrically a red fathom is leading through the 12 tracks which are all about freedom and deliverance. More then one hour of progressive rock of this quartet which is well established inside the genre. Frontman Josh Pincus is mainly responsible for the bands establishing. The singer and keyboarder adds with his warm voice and his fingers brisk over the keys a special touch, a personal touch to the music. Melodies are also added by guitarist Jimmy Pappas and partly it seems that endless bows of melody bends through time and space. Accentuated drumming and accurate percussion elements of Hal Aponte add a breath of life to the compositions of Ice Age. The fourth member of ICE AGE is bassist Arron Dicesare. The band see a progression, getting more mature since their debut The Great Divide in 1999 and as a listener I can confirm that. Better technical facilities and personal experiences made this a homogenous album.
While talking about their debut... There is a connection between the CDs, coz on the current release is To Say Goodbye Part II: Still Here which is meant as an accordingly continuation of the track of the debut. Part I was an instrumental, but on the more then 8 minutes long song on Liberation the band worked with vocals.
The new album of ICE AGE is offering a large variety with different atmospheres, speed and hardness. The don't push the progressiveness too far, so give it a try!

4 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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