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On disc: I Am I

Event Horizon - Lars Bjørn - 10 stars

Event Horizon

Event Horizon
( - 2012)

This album speaks, sorry sings, for itself. If you don't know the singer ZP Theart he is the founder of Dragonforce, spent over 10 years with the band, but parted with them in 2010 and spent the time in between to create the new band called I Am I. Together with the Polish guitar hero Jacob Ziemba the work process towards the creation of the debut album from I Am I has met no hinders. The result is here now, a stunning album of both AOR, metal, rock, heavy metal and a hint of pop music that are absolutely free of covering sugar, it's just present because it fits perfectly to the album from I Am I.

A voice that is able to bear everything on its shoulders, that's the right way to describe ZP Theart, a fantastic songwriter, and with Ziemba beside him we get 10 songs of the highest class on this debut from I Am I. Video already made of the song Silent Genocide, touring planned, and with this album I can not see why the band should not be one of the biggest success stories of 2012. Theart took one years break after leaving Dragonforce, but luckily he is back with the new material. This Is My Life opens the gates with breathtaking tempo but still melodic AOR inspired metal. Silent Genocide is their first single being promoted on YouTube, it has the hit qualities, genius and listenable. Stay A While is a catchy rock song cut with elegance and spreads the arms out to welcome metal, rock and AOR fans with a splendid ear basher. Cross The Line has the melodic drive and fantastic inspirational guitar work from Jacob Ziemba to complete the masterpiece. We also get a fine ballad called King In Ruins, both with guitars and piano to make it super great. The best part is still the vocals from Theart that makes it all work in oil.

It continues, not one weak or halfhearted song is to be found on this debut, so just go ahead and enjoy the show from ZP Theart and the guys.

10 stars

Lars Bjørn


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