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In Words: Brian Howe

- Brian Howe - Mar. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Brian Howe
Brian Howe

Brian Howe - March 17th 2010 (by email)

Brian Howe is back with a solo album called Circus Bar. Time to learn a bit more about the album and the former Bad Company singer!

It's been a long time since your last solo album and we haven't heard much about Brian Howe meanwhile. What kept you busy?

I have been doing shows all round the world... I love to travel for fun too, so I have been a busy boy!!

Now you have a new album called Circus Bar. When did you first think about doing another album?

I wasn't go to make another CD... I didn't think anyone cared, if I made one or not.... making it was fun though... Serafino from the record company convinced me to make this CD.

For the song writing you and producer Brooks Paschal been to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala which is your favorite place... When have you been there first? And what makes Lake Atitlan special to you?

I have been going to the lake for about 4 years and am totally in love with the place... it is a very spiritual place and I hope to move there in a year or so!!

Is Brooks Paschal a musician / producer you wanted to work with? Or are you friends for long?

I met brooks about 18 months ago and we hit it off.... He is very very talented and I knew we could write songs together.... there is a great age gap but we actually think alike about music.

You are quoted that after 3 days you felt that the pressure was gone as you felt you had enough songs... Did you wrote some more songs as inspiration was there?

The lake is very inspirational and i had 13 years of sub conscience thoughts that turned into songs!!! It was an incredibly fun yet hardworking time!!

You also did some new versions of Bad Company's Holy Water and How 'bout That. Why overdoing this 2 Bad Company tune?

I did those songs to show people who I was.... Bad Company have tried to erase my history with the band and I find that insulting. Somebody in the band is very very insecure and possibly threatened. Though I don't know why. Maybe it's because they haven't made a good record since I left the band!!!

Naming the album after the place you were hanging out is a bit unusual... Sounds like you had a great time. I guess, you told the guys who are running the place about it, what was their reaction?

They were so excited.... I am going there soon to give them a framed copy for the wall of the bar.... I love that place!!

The artwork looks very cool, who did the cover?

A very good friend of mine... Lori Hamilton... ( She is a great photographer, but normally only does architecture... I begged her to work with me on this cover... She did a great job!!!

The writing process was quite short, how long did the recordings take?

It took 6 months to make the record... But recording was only 3 months of that!!

With Wayne Nelson and Pat Travers you have some renown joining you on some song. Was it planned to have guests? Or did it just happened?

Wayne was planned to come in and play... Little River Band is one of my fav bands and Wayne is such a lovely guy... He stayed for 5 days and we had a ball. Pat only stayed for about two hours, but he laid down My Town and that alone was worth just being there to see it!!

Video clips get more important again with YouTube and similar platforms. Are you planing to do a video? If so, what song will it be for?

I am shooting a video, but not for a few weeks!!

I heard that you'll play some shows in Iraq and Kuwait incl the 'Change Of Command Ceremony'. How did you feel when you first heard about this offer?

It was great to play those shows.... An honor!!

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, will you somehow share this experience with your fans?


Can we expect to see you live? Or do you feel more comfortable in the studio nowadays?

I love playing live, but I also love recording.... They are two different worlds, but important to each other!!

What else is on your schedule for 2010?

Touring, touring, touring.... then maybe a little touring!!

I hope the tour trail will lead him to Europe... And that we don't have to wait for years to get some new music from Mr. Howe!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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