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In Words: HolyHell

- Maria Breon & Francisco Palomo - Oct. 2009 - C. Ehrhardt & G. Schmitz -
- Maria Breon & Joe Stump - Oct. 2010 - Gisela Schmitz -

© Gisela Schmitz

Maria Breon & Joe Stump - October 23rd 2010 - kerkrade (NL)

On October 23rd HolyHell played at RockTemple in Kerkrade to warm up for the show next day at Metal Female Voices Festival (Belgium). Fans who attended the show won't regret coming to Kerkrade as Maria Breon and her mates delivered a great show. They played more then 90 minutes, lots of songs from their album and some cover versions. Francisco used his keytar to move around, but the others were also always in action. A show which let one hope to see them soon playing clubs allover Europe again.
Before their show I met Maria and Joe to get an updated about their latest activities and to learn about future plans. Listen to the quite funny conversation with Maria Breon and Joe Stump now!

Click here to listen to the interview. The interview: appr. 9 minutes

Gisela Schmitz


HolyHell in Cologne
© Claudia Ehrhardt

HolyHell - October 1st 2009 - Cologne (D)

Not too long ago singer Maria Breon and keyboarder Francisco Palomo stopped in Cologne for a promotion and did a short, but excellent acoustic set at Music Store Köln.
The short performance was fantastic and showed that both are trained musicians which focus on every little detail. They presented 4 songs incl. a cover version of Heart's Alone. The cover version they did spontaneously and chose this one, coz they played it during rehearsals several times. The short set showed that HolyHell's songs work acoustically as well, so let's hope they will do more acoustic stuff in future!
After the acoustic performance we had the chance to talk to Maria and Francisco at their hotel.

HolyHell in Cologne   HolyHell in Cologne
© Claudia Ehrhardt

Click here to listen to the interview. It's app. 22 minutes long.

Claudia Ehrhardt & Gisela Schmitz


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