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In Words: Hesus Attor

- Hesus Attor - Jan. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Hesus Attor band photo
Hesus Attor

Hesus Attor - January 2009 (by email)

When I got Hesus Attor's CD it was a surprise. Their unique sound make them stick out, a good reason to learn a bit more about the Croatians!

Why did you choose the name Hesus Attor? What does it mean to you?

Hesus Attor came out of our previous band, Rhesus Factor. It's was a play on words, which didn't really stand for nothing.
Later on, Hesus Attor became interpretable as 'Jesus Actor' among other names. People told us this at our shows. You can take it any way you like it :).

You're music is described in the biography as dadaistic math-core. Do you agree with this description? And was it your intention right from the start to create such unique mix?

We had no pre-conceived concepts. We were pretty much fed up with existing patterns of music and playing. We just wanted to get together and play, whatever came out of the 4 of us playing together. At the same time we had a pretty clear idea that we wanted it to sound really fresh, groovy and bouncy on stage. Out of all description people had for us, the one 'dadist math core' kind of felt the nearest.
One journalist used the 'dadaism' term after our show. So it's nothing and everything at the same time. Whatever you feel like.

You first started as a trio playing instrumental music. Later you found a singer, El Cathedralico. How did you find him?

Well, he was lurking around the corner. :) He was in a band we shared our rehearsal place with. He liked our approach better, and he was the only person who understood our thing. So 1+1=2. The rest is history, and it feels right.

At Sonic Gastronomy Volume 1 you present a very unique, but also weird sound. What bands, what sound have influenced you?

Our influences range: from Frank Sinatra & Tony Clifton to Slayer & Dillinger Escape Plan. In Between people like to put: Melt Banana, King Crimson, Mike Patton, John Zorn, Melvins, Boredoms...

Why the title Sonic Gastronomy Volume 1?

hmmm... it's music with texts about acid and food. it's sonic + gastronomy and it's the first!

You did some stuff as a trio and also an EP with El Cathedralico. Did you use any song off these releases for Sonic Gastronomy Volume 1?

We re-recorded some songs off the E.P. and the new songs we had.

How did you came up with the artwork? Was it your idea?

The entire artwork is the great work of a good friend of ours, File-Morka - check out his stuff : The productions was done by us and Kiki Lord Nurzur Mekanotehnik.

You have some obscure song titles. What's the meaning behind Schwinnland, Schwinnland? Or Petrosimul?

Schwinnland, Schwinnland is an imaginary landscape between Sweden and Finland. Petrosimul is 'Parslih' in dialect of Croatian.

I guess that the reactions for Sonic Gastronomy Volume 1 were quite mixed - and I think that's something you expected... How satisfied are you with the reactions?

We expected something like that. It's either you like it or you hate it. But people that hate it, still come to our show and that's fun.

How important is it for you to play live? Can you play frequently live?

We can't play 'not live' for too long, because we get pretty bored.

Something more general... Is there an active metal scene in Croatia? Can we find more unique bands like Hesus Attor in Croatia?

We are not so unique! :) And the scene as we know it consists of bands like this :
Tigrova Mast,
Seven That Spells,
Chang Ffos,
[Mandelbrot Set],
Very Expensive Porno Movie,
Po' Metra Crijeva and many many more... These are bands from various genres and are all unique. :)

What can we expect from Hesus Attor in 2009?

A lot of shows, food and drinks! Salute!

I guess we will hear more from them.... And it looks like there are many unique bands to discover in Croatia!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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