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On stage: Howitzer

- Howitzer - Aug. 2012 - Phoenix (AZ, USA) -

- Howitzer - August 25th 2012 - Phoenix (AZ, USA), Joe's Grotto
Live performance / video release party -

Hello once again my metal minions!

Tonight I bring you a review of none other than Arizona's home grown Howitzer! Now the last time you read about this band their power was on idle as the guitarist, Matthew Moody, was recovering from a severe illness. Well tonight my minions, I bring you news of the Howitzers' artillery firing at full capacity! And with having had the video release party tonight as well, it was adding a 21 gun salute to the show!

Joe's Grotto was packed shoulder to shoulder to see the band getting ready to head out on tour with Otep. The band who when they filmed their video at the Marquee Theater in Tempe out sold Sevendust! Go ahead, read it again, you read it right the first time.... out sold Sevendust at The Marquee Theater in Tempe Arizona! This band brought enough power, stamina, and energy to make the Energizer bunny explode.

The night began with their video release of The Vision, from their new album, The Echoes Of Prometheus. Feel free to go and see for yourself the video will show the following that this band has. The fans come out in the masses to see these three perform. Check out the video!

Then their set kicked off. Let me rephrase. Then their set exploded! Howitzer came out with guns blazing! These men poured every drop of energy into every song that they played. From singing to the Howitzer fan favorites. The vocal cords were being pushed and were fine-tuned from each member. As Jeremy Jalowiec pulverized his drum set with his phenomenal foot work and drumming skills as well as being able to sing. The bassist, Beau Diveleys' stunning skills, and vocal abilities. Not to mention his energy that he brings to the crowd. That leaves us with Matthew Moody. Last time recovering, tonight marvelous and blew me out of the water with his unprecedented vocal leadership and guitar dexterity tonight. The only thing that was sick here tonight from Matt Moody was how incredibly intoxicating his guitar playing was!

By the end of their set tonight Dimebag himself was somewhere on a cloud over Phoenix, rocking with Howitzer. These men brought it loud and proud tonight. If ever there was a band to make me eat my words and give me a big "Fuck you!" from one review to the next Howitzer did it here and now. Well done Gentlemen and Bravo!

Hope you check out the video and the check out the new album Echoes Of Prometheus my metal minions! Until next time!

Head Banging Brandy


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