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On stage: HIM

- HIM & Dommin - Mar. 2010 - Esch / Alzette (L) -

- HIM & Dommin - March 11th 2010 - Esch / Alzette (L), Rockhal -

It was very cold outside while waiting for the entry at Rockhal Club in Esch sur Alzette in Luxembourg. And when I did the first step after the security controls, special guest from Los Angeles Dommin played their first note. Perfect timing! It was the first time I have been there at the 'little' club but I think I will go there more often, because the acoustic is very good.
HIM - live in EschI didn't know Dommin, but they seemed to be well known in the 'love metal scene'. Their sound was really cool, especially for a support act. It was the first time they have been to Europe. I really enjoyed the 45 minutes of their show.
After that we had to wait quiet a long during the change over for HIM. It felt like hours were passing by but finally lights were shut and the intro started to make all the teens cry for Ville Valo.
HIM - live in EschThey kicked off with Like St. Valentines from their new album Screamworks: Love In Theory & Practise right followed by Right Here In My Arms, an all time fave. Girls seemed to be out of control for the next 100 minutes. Unfortunately they had some technical problems up on stage which caused some delay but the sound in front of the stage was great. If you take a look at the set list, you will see that they only played killers (Ok, I missed In Joy Aand Sorrow). One of the highlights definetly was Join Me. Loudest applause I guess. Also great songs were My Sweet 666 and their alltime coversong Wicked Game. After three additions they had to leave. All in all I can say this concert was really great and worth paying for it.

Philip Thelen
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