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On stage: Hellowed

- Hellowed - Nov. 2009 - Neunkirchen (D) -

- Hellowed -
- November 13th 2009 - Neunkirchen (D), Caesar's Palace -

The last few months brought some changes for 80's metal band Hellowed. Due to his diploma, guitar player Christian Schneider left the band and bass player Bach did quit, too. But the band used the time to write new songs and engaged new bass player Alex.
Ok, Caesar's Palace is a local disco. On two floors it was 'Planet Rock' and 'Tanzritual'. 'Planet Rock' is metal from A to Z, 'Tanzritual' is Gothic, electro and medieval music. Opening time was 10 PM and Hellowed hit the stage at 11 PM. They started the set with Hellowed Ground, one of their new songs. Straight from the beginning, the fans were hot to sing along. After that, it was nice to listen to Future World from Helloween. Nice version. And again, a new song Never Again (as the whole set was listed with new songs). After that, all Savatage fans were happy to listen to a great version of Gutter Ballet. The piano was played by singer Oliver Pitch. For The Crown is again a new song, in the style of Manowar. The fans did like it. Another cover song was Beer For My Horses, a traditional US country song from a band I did not know ;) . They also played Living After Midnight by Judas Priest with a great guitar solo from Jens Dörrenbächer. I was really happy to listen to the encore All My Dreams which was the only song from their debut The Night Of The Reaper.
All in all it was a nice concert with a great disco after the gig. If you have the chance, catch 'em live!

Set list:

Hellowed Ground
Future World
Never Again
Gutter Ballet
For The Crown
Beer For My Horses
Living After Midnight
All My Dreams

Philip Thelen


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