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On disc: Hull

Sole Lord - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Sole Lord

Sole Lord
(The End Records - 2010)

Hull is an American quintet which presents with Sole Lord their debut album, an album full of slowliness. Sludge / stoner / doom metal is their musical territory and so some might just be bored by the slow, heavy tune. And I can partly understand that when I listen to the opener Innocence, but Transition is a slow, melodic tune more in the tradition of early doom metal, but then the vocals set in and the songs atmosphere changes. The Brooklyners remind me a bit of Isis, but there is also a dash of Neurosis in their sound. Songs like Immortal show them varying, toying around with different sound elements which they incorporate into the Hull sound. So you'll find prog-ish sounds next to Tool references. The songs are almost like one epic tune which offers twists and turns - within the boundaries of the genre. So it's impossible to pick one particular song to check out, coz it would just be a piece of the Hull-ish sound universe. The sound is raw and I can imagine that live it works even better, especially at the long instrumental passages. One of this tracks is the instrumental Wanderer, a slow melodic tune which is enchanting in it's simplicity. And so Healer seems to be even heavier, partly due to the raspy vocals but it's also the guitar riffs. With Architect they seem to explode, a raw riff-based track with speed changes.
Hull combine different elements and create atmospheric tunes in slo-mo. If this sounds interesting, then check them out at their MySpace!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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