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On disc: Hotwire

- Middle Of Nowhere /
...And Never Surrender
- Katja Henning - 6 stars

Middle Of Nowhere /...And Never Surrender

Middle Of Nowhere /...And Never Surrender
(Sigra Records - 2001)

Value for money! This is a two-in-one release, well kind of... On CD 2 which is called ... And Never Surrender you have original singer Werner Stadi on vocals - who also founded Hotwire - and on CD 1 - Middle Of Nowhere - you listen to Andy Scott and the other band members. So, on both CDs are the some songs played by the same band, but with different singers. Got it? Okay, the track list is different, but well...
Musically Hotwire are presenting hard rock la Bonfire and Casanova. Personally I prefer ... And Never Surrender, coz the vocals are better and it sounds more homogeneous. Check out Midnight Romeo and Middle Of Nowhere!

6 stars

Katja Henning
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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