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On disc: Horned Almighty

Necro Spirituals - P.A. - 7 stars

Necro Spirituals

Necro Spirituals
(Candlelight Records - 2010)

Quite a few bands from Denmark are based into metal and into the more extreme sounds. Horned Almighty is now out to give the metal world a dose of their black-ish sound. Necro Spirituals is their 4th album and they kick off with the title track which is based on a heavy groove and mean riffs. Some parts are almost catchy! Sworn Divine Vengeance shows a different side of Horned Almighty, this is like a black'n'roll version of Motörhead... Slow, groove-based passages lead into riff-based up-tempo parts, breaks and memorable guitar lines makes it easy to get into Necro Spirituals. The Danish storm off with Blessing The World In Pestilence, but again Aries' and Hellpig's guitar play gives the songs something special. The Blasphemous Burden slowly moves one, an ultra heavy track which seems to combine black-ish sounds and sludge.
Most of the songs are quite alike, but well performed. Nothing really new, but if you are into this kind of music, then check this album out! It isn't a waste of time!

7 stars

P.A. (guest writer)


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