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On disc: Horizon

- The Sky's The Limit - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

The Sky's The Limit

The Sky's The Limit
(Massacre Records - 2000)

Who's Horizon you might ask.... The band of guitarist / singer Patrick Hemer and drummer Krissy Friedrich started back in 1998. Now The Sky's The Limit hit the stores. What to expect? Melodic metal sometimes with progressive elements, sometimes it's more hard rock. The track Freedom gives an idea about Horizon. Living In Danger reminds me a little bit of Malmsteen.... Especially from the guitar. A more rocking track, kind heavy rock tune is Keep On Fighting which has a sing-along chorus and will probably one of the highlights when they play live... With Don't Hide In The Shadows they do have a pretty good ballad, before the they started with a fast, heavy tune called Hometown Star. The quartet's audience will be the one who listens to everything from Pretty Maids to Sonata Arctica & Stratovarius. Perhaps not the most unique band, but a decent album for young band.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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