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On disc: Holy Blood

The Patriot - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

The Patriot

The Patriot
(Bombworks Records - 2008)

The band Holy Blood was founded back in 1999 in Kiev. They been through some line-up changes and also their musical style changed. Their 3rd album is called The Patriot and is a blend of folk elements and death / black metal sounds. Lyrically they don't follow the trend, they are a Christian band.
The album opener is called War For The Human Soul then leads into The Patriot. It starts with sounds which I can't identify... Could be some distant battle... Then music joins in and comes closer, after a folk passage they head into a black metal part with screams, scolding parts and clean vocals. Unfortunately the clean vocals are almost drowning in the raw black metal sounds. The sound of the five Ukrainians is somehow similar to Finntroll... Mainman Fedor Buzilevich is forcing the band ahead with sharp riffs, but it seems a bit chaotic... structureless. But it would help Holy Blood, if they would put the vocals more up-front. The folk-ish parts are much better, coz here a melody makes it more easy to get into the song. There are some good ideas, but they have to better structure the songs and balance the vocals and instruments a bit better. Wind Of Death kicks off folk metal-like and when they first add some black metallic riffs they find the right balance. The folk metal passages are the strong point of Holy Blood and they should focus on this element. And this first part of the album is pretty well describing the whole album. At Thirst to Live In Freedom they partly loose track, derail... Again the folk parts stick out, but the black metal ones are culminating into a noisy frenzy. At Well Tried Faith they have some almost catchy melodies, but the flute / keyboard is repetitive and starts to annoy me - in case of the flute it's also the timbre - and is too loud compared to the vocals. They should strip down a bit and focus more on single instruments / passages. The chorus is catchy and if they would tend more into this direction the album would be more enjoyable.
The booklet holds the lyrics - in English - which is good, coz the vocals are too much in the background and as a Christian band I think the lyrics are important to them. And perhaps they should look for a better description of their music, coz Christian pagan metal or unblack metal sounds quite strange... But as meanwhile the band split up and only Fedor Buzilevich is left who will continue with his wife Vera there might be changes ahead... If they can find a better balance, then next time they surely get a higher rating, coz there are some really good parts.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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